May 20, 2009

Help me with my pants

by arthurstewart
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Apparently, as you grow up, you are supposed to change your style of clothes.  Something about maturing, etc.  Of course, I have no desire to look like a teenager, or someone trying to look like a teenager.  But, you (or at least me) find clothes and styles you like, and stick with them.

This is all complicated by changing body shape.  That favourite shirt doesn’t quite fit the same way it used to (do you really believe the SHIRT shrank?)  You can’t quite get the pants fastened.  Sometimes I keep these clothes around – for that someday when they will fit again.

My wife thinks that I don’t have any pants that fit properly.  This is partially because I bought many during a baggy clothes phase.  This was due due to both fashion and my attempt to buy clothes slightly too big to cover up a slightly too big/out of shape body.  This was, of course, a long stretch of years – about 15 years – as I think about it.

Now, two big changes have taken place.  First, everyone wears really tight clothes!  My old clothes pretty much look old.  Second, I have lost some weight.  Yes indeed, I am probably in the best shape I have been in for years (and feel great, btw).  I have lost 20 pounds in the past 4 months (since we returned from our trip to USA).  So, things are looking a little big on me.

This is most evident in the pants department.  See, I usually wear my pants low.  Not “show my butt” low, but on my hips instead of my waist. And I don’t tuck shirts in – ever.  So, they all hang too low now (I am walking on them, or worse, have to cuff them!).  And, as Melissa will point out, the butt of my pants just hang empty.  No big deal (I don’t see this anyway).  But I am off the Andrew and Mariah’s wedding and Melissa thinks that I am not going to be able to wear my khaki pants for the aforementioned reasons.

Help me with my pants.  Where exactly in my middle section should they sit – waist, hips, other?  How long should they be?  I’m NOT willing to go too tight through the crotch and I have slightly bigger than normal thighs.  Taking this into account, and some amount of my style preference, I would love your advice.



  1. ed says:

    go to a store that has an old dude working, like a jc penny’s. i picked slacks that were my size, and the old dude confirmed the fit. and he recommended a slightly better pair as well.

  2. Tyler says:

    I love how this post made its way to the CRM aggregate blog. Pants should still be at your hips, IMO. A good fit should be between hugging your legs and baggy, but might be tighter than you’re at first comfortable with since you’re coming from the baggy side of things. Probably a straight or relaxed fit. Length, khakis should have just a medium break in the front when standing — no folding and no cuffs. The khakis in the picture you posted are too long. This means you’ll have to have good socks as well since they’ll be visible when you’re sitting. Jeans can be longer. Absolutely no pleats. Do ask someone at the store, but only if they’re dressed well which isn’t always the case.

  3. Take Melissa with you to the shops and let her pick them out. End of dilemma!

  4. Melanie says:

    and if there is time… buy your pants in america while you are over there, since they have both measurements :) Many stores offer hemming services to make sure the length is fine too.

  5. Steve Hayes says:

    I have no recommendations, but all the same problems.

    The biggest problem I find is when something wears out, and I don’t like the current style. That means I have to go on wearing the wornout things until the style changes. For example I didn’t like the tight fit style, and find the baggy one more comfortable. Thanks for warning me that the tight fit style is back.

  6. Caren says:

    As a Stewart, wouldn’t a kilt be an obvious solution? 😉

  7. melissa says:

    ok, so here we are all waiting to see a pic of you in your properly fitting pants…

  8. Well, the pants we picked out are great. I’ve only tried them on in the store, but tomorrow is the big day. I will be sure to take a picture specifically of my new pants for all of you! Thanks for all the suggestions.

  9. kevin says:

    Crotchless chaps. End of story.

  10. kevin says:

    errr…I really regret having posted that. Frig’n vodka- I say staw away from the skinny pant. I’m a fan of the plain front khakis myself.

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