January 9, 2008

picture of the Gospel

by arthurstewart
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The Gospel is more like a piece of music to be performed than a list of ideas to endorse.

Scot McKnight in Embracing Grace

  1. What do you think of this picture?
  2. What would be implications for you?

Comments please!


  1. Tyler says:

    I think it’s interesting. Obviously a piece to be performed allows for more nuance, beauty, and ‘interpretation’ than a list of ideas. Ideas need a medium to be expressed and music as a medium is very compelling. It is also used often in scripture conveying joy and fulfillment, two wonderful aspects of the Gospel.

    Is that what you’re reading now? I just got A Community Called Atonement and I’m excited to read it soon.

    Hope the year starts off well for y’all, I’ll be praying.

  2. Anthony says:

    What a wonderful expression!

    I have been reading through McKnights blog since you mentioned it a few days ago. I have been enjoying the series on the Kingdom, but I think I am enjoying the series he is doing titled, “God’s Rivals”, which is about the Xian response to other religions.

    Regarding the quote you posted, I have coincidentally (or not) been thinking along the lines of the Gospel as performance recently. I remember when Jeremy Vogt was in grad school he sent me an email about something he was reading regarding the interpretation of Scripture and understanding the Gospel, and it he said something about how understanding the Gospel is like discovering a play written by Shakespeare. You can read it and perhaps get a sense of it, but it is most deeply experienced if people were to take a part and present it as a performance.

  3. Anthony says:

    Goodness, I need to edit before I post. I meant to say that I think I am enjoying the series he is doing titled “God’s Rivals” a bit more, which…

    Oh, here is the “in” that I did not insert in the second to the last sentence.

    I realize it is a bit OC of me to do this, but I am a writing instructor, and so it comes with the profession.

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